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Weeping willow


 A Weeping willow was one of the first sculptures I ever made, though it looked a little different had many of the same qualities and still hangs in my hallway and is passed many times a day.

I was nudges into revisiting the piece by a good friend who saw that it fitted everything I try to achieve in my work, minimal beauty which nods to nature and responds to it in its own way.

Each leaf is suspended independently so that a slight air movement of an open door or someone passing by will add life to the piece.

I have use nickle silver for the sculpture as it it my favourite and has the most beautiful colour of all metals I use.

As each tier is individually made and then adjusted to blend with the ones above and below they can be added or subtracted to suit. The one in the images has 6 tiers and is 100cm tall and 55cm wide

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