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Pebble Squared

Pebbel squared red side.jpg
Pebble squared blue side.jpg
Pebble Sphere.jpg

The Pebble sculptures became an idea after a conversation with a friend about beach pebbles, you know those super smooth shapes which you either want to pop in your pocket or see if you can skip it across the water between the waves.

Pebble squared was what I saw when I created a mould to start forming the other pebble sculpture you will see below soon, I assembled the sections on a bench and then stood mesmerised by the shape I had just created never intending it to be seen. So I stood it on edge and it got better then I rotated it 45 degrees and it became something else!

After some time playing around I realised a steel one was going to be super heavy so settled on aluminium as a material which would need some sort of finish on it so decided anodising was the way to go then realised that opened up a range of colours a real first for me as I usually like the truth of the material to be seen. I started playing with colours and hit on this idea of mixing half and half of my two favourite colours which as you can see in the video create this amazing effect as it transitions from one to the other with intermediates being imagined in our heads.

So along with the colour change as you move around the piece it also has this strange quality of changing from a feeling of solidity to weightlessness.

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