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Murmuration Bush 2018.jpg

I have been mesmerised by starlings as they collect together in the evenings just at dusk creating their beautiful shapes in the sky. They  try to stay together for safety as a predator finds it much more difficult to attack a Murmuration than a single bird. At the slightest breeze the 'murms' wander around following tiny air currents then as the winds increase become more regimented all changing direction in unison like a flock of starlings. the tree or bush form was the obvious shape for the piece right from the first day and each has its own style and character as I create a new piece. 

I always make a few 'murms' touch so that they 'talk' to each other as the wind moves them adding a further element to the piece.

I have made larger versions for clients but the Bush proves to be a perfect shape and size for a garden setting.

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