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Hummingbird to the point.jpg
Hummingbird SS.jpg
Ash Hummingbird blue.jpg
Ash Hummingbird yellow.jpg
Ash Hummingbird red.jpg
Ash Hummingbird green.jpg

Hummingbird is a result of my brief encounter with one of these tiny creatures in the wild while walking in Australia. I probably saw the bird for 15 seconds but that shape and colour has stayed with me for several years now.

So I spent some time sketching and then carving to get somewhere close to what my mind is still holding onto and I finally arrived at a shape, proportion and form which took me back to that encounter. I had my first maquette made in insulation foam sat on the kitchen table for two months deciding how to scale it to the sort of work and materials I have become known for, slowly falling in love with the object in front of me.

I did finally make the stainless steel version in polishes rods which invite the viewer to trace their hands along its lines but firstly decided to make some small versions in Ash my favourite wood. It has beautiful grain which allows you to play with stains and colours without loosing the beauty of the wood itself.

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